Architectural Basics

Houses are designed by architects, even the most basic house has its plans drawn up by a professional designer to generate blueprints and to estimate costs of construction. A good house (any building really) needs to have three basic elements a) Durability; b) Utility; and c) Beauty. Durability seems like a basic concept, but one must realize that homes weren’t always designed to last more than a few years, often made of straw and ephemeral materials. Today, we want homes to last decades, and some homes made of stone and brick have endured centuries. The basic utility of shelter found in the roundhouses and longhouses are things of the past, today we want greater comfort, convenience, and privacy in our homes. Utilitarian needs have also changed. Lastly, beauty is perhaps the most challenging element of home design and the factor most likely to change over time. Drive through a neighborhood like Avondale, San Marco, or Murray Hill and one will find a variety of styles right next to one another. Each home reflects a different aesthetic, possibly a different era of construction and even materials.

My goal is to use this site to discuss the differences in architecture that exist around Jacksonville. There are many distinctive buildings and homes around the city that warrant greater attention.