Nourish Juice Cafe

I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do, but I stepped on the scale after the holidays.  It was painful to see the numbers on the scale. I will need to ride very many miles on my bike to out run those numbers. I have been to NJC (Nourish Juice Cafe) before and I knew that it was a fantastic place to start, NOT a new years resolution. A jump start if you will, or a trailhead marker to a path I need to travel on. I got into my car (yes I drove), you will understand why later, and drove straight to NJC. They were busy even though it was late morning, I knew exactly  what I wanted to order. When it was my turn I ordered one of their multi day juice packages (they call it a cleanse). What you get is five juices per day, each one in a reusable jar and in a handy carry out tray.  Now you see why I needed to drive, I’m a good bike rider but five glass jars and me on a bike–“there will be blood”.  They have other offerings as well and I’m on my way to try them all.

PS: The juiceristas are great (maybe I should trademark that?)


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